Indiana American Water (IAW) has started a project to upgrade its water treatment facility located in Muncie.

The $12m project calls for the replacement of antiquated and obsolete facilities and equipment at the plant.

Indiana American Water president Alan DeBo said, "While these facilities have served the community well during the last century, the time has come to upgrade our Muncie water treatment plant so we can more efficiently and effectively serve our next generation of customers.

"The improvements we are making in our Muncie system, including those that are getting underway today at our treatment facility, will help us to address system challenges, inefficiencies and more stringent water quality regulations," DeBo added.

Under the project, a new 1.25 million gallon clearwell tank and pump station will be constructed for storing and pumping water into the distribution system after it has gone through the treatment process.

Built in 1906, the company’s existing one million gallon clearwell storage tank has developed structural cracks and it requires replacement.

According to the company, pump station improvements include replacing four older pumps and related electrical equipment and disinfection chemical feed equipment with new technology to enhance system reliability and efficiency.

Scope of the project, which would become operational by the end of 2014, also includes relocation of the existing facilities out of the White River floodway.

IAW has selected the design team of Hazen and Sawyer and River City Construction to design and construct the new facilities.