Impsa has been awarded a contract to refurbish and uprate two generators at the Acaray II hydropower plant in Paraguay.

The contract is valued at approximately US$11M. Under the contract to refurbish and uprate generators No 3 and No 4, the company will increase total output from 121.4MW to 150MW. The plant supplies approximately 15% of the country’s power, and the national electricity administration bureau ANDE awarded the contract.

Impsa added that while it has worked on binational projects in the past, such as Yacyreta on the Parana river bordering Paraguay and Argentina, the contract award marks its first contract in the country itself.

It added, however, that binational possibilities were still of interest as it is examining, for example, the possibilities for the 300MW Ana Cua project which would be a complementary scheme to the 3200MW Yacyreta plant for which it provided seven 160MW units out of the total 20 turbines.

The company said it is also working on providing equipment for a series of other projects, such as Bakun in Malaysia, the Tocoma and Macagua schemes in Venezuela, Porce III in Colombia, and in Brazil the Simplicio, Dardanelos and Anta plants.

Impsa is also working on wind farm development. It added that its power generation projects total more than 6GW, which equates to an order backlog of US$1.7B.