The ESP5 batteries are capable of generating 5kW of capacity and can store up to 30 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy.

More than 200 Imergy vanadium flow batteries are presently installed globally.

Energy Research Systems will use the units for two residential customers who are deploying the ESP5 vanadium flow batteries in combination with new off-grid solar power systems as well as a microgrid customer who is installing the battery to develop an off-grid microgrid.

The microgrid is being developed to test several solar, storage, hydrogen production and other advanced energy technologies.

A technical school’s science center will use an ESP5 battery in combination with a solar power system at the facility to identify the possibility of taking the entire campus off-grid using renewable energy and energy storage technologies.

Imergy Power Systems director of business development Herve Mazzocco said: "As these customers demonstrate, the combination of solar power systems and Imergy vanadium flow batteries are a cost effective solution for areas with high electricity prices or limited grid capabilities.

"From residential island homes to advanced energy technology power testing facilities, a rapidly growing number of customers around the world are choosing to install Imergy vanadium flow batteries."

Imergy said Hawaii is leading the way in the installation of advanced energy technologies as it plans to build a clean power grid for the 21st century.

Image: Imergy ESP5 energy storage solution. Photo: Courtesy of Marketwired.