International Fuel Technology has announced that its collaborative efforts with Belgium-based fuel additives and lubricants company Lubrichim have resulted in the development of a number of fuel additive formulations that Lubrichim will market to its existing and new customers in Europe.

<p>International Fuel Technology (IFT) is a US-based fuel performance enhancement company focused on providing its technology to large, industrial consumers of liquid hydrocarbon-based fuels. The first commercial grade formulation to be introduced to the market in September 2007 will be a diesel fuel performance enhancer. <br /><br />Lubrichim and IFT have been working together since late 2006 to develop a new range of biodegradable, environmentally friendly fuel additives that provide superior fuel efficiency, reduce polluting emissions, improve engine reliability and reduce maintenance costs, and improve the quality and stability of biofuels, said Francis Sels, Lubrichim&#0039;s managing director. <br /><br />The diesel fuel additive technology that we are introducing in September is an innovative, &#0039;green&#0039; fuel additive that will exceed the demands from the industry for higher performance and environmentally compliant fuels, Mr Sels continued.<br /><br />Axel Farhi, IFT&#0039;s director of global business development, added that the companies are also working on a number of other additive formulations for biofuels, gasoline and heating oil.</p>