Project completion expected by December 2012

Idaho Power has selected a new natural gas-fired combined-cycle combustion turbine generation facility, the Langley Gulch power plant, from the request for proposals issued in April 2008 for a baseload resource.

The proposed new Langley Gulch facility location is on a remote site south of Interstate 84 in Payette County. Project completion is expected by December 2012. Connecting a baseload resource at the location will improve electric service reliability for all Idaho Power customers.

Karl Bokenkamp, Idaho Power’s general manager of power supply operations and planning and lead on the request for proposals (RFP) selection team, said: Idaho Power’s 2004 and 2006 integrated resource plans both identified the need for additional baseload generation to reduce projected energy and capacity deficits and the resource need was reaffirmed in the 2008 integrated resource plan update.

We received a number of proposals in response to our RFP, and the evaluation process included both price and non-price criteria. The Langley Gulch proposal, an Idaho Power sponsored project, was selected for its favorable characteristics, including location, operating flexibility and lower cost. This project’s operating flexibility will be a great addition to our portfolio and it will help us integrate intermittent renewable resources, such as wind.