ICP Solar Technologies, Inc. (ICP Solar) has announced that its Sunsei GreenMeter has been approved for certain solar-based incentives in the State of California. Specifically, the GreenMeter has been added to the list of approved products under California’s PMRS subsidy program, such that residents installing this ICP Solar application will qualify to receive rebates, tax credits, and other incentives under the “Go Solar California” initiative – a $2.2 billion program.

The Sunsei GreenMeter is now listed as an eligible Meter and the associated web service is listed as an eligible Performance Monitoring and Reporting Service provider.

“California installers can now offer their clients an advanced, accurate metering and monitoring product with an even more attractive value proposition – making it easier to spur adoption of this innovative, solar-powered solution,” said Sass Peress, chief executive officer. “Expanding into the California solar market – the largest in North America – is critical to our successful rollout out of the Sunsei GreenMeter and establishing it as the leading application of its kind.”