US-based ICCNexergy, a designer and manufacturer of rechargeable power systems, has unveiled its new 100W ITE/commercial desktop power supply series.

The new FWC100 is a level V upgrade of ICCNexergy’s popular Elpac FWB100 series and also expands the line up to 48V.

In addition to the launch of the FWC100, ICCNexergy extended its line of level V power supplies with the introduction of the 150W MWA150 (medical) and FWA150 (ITE) 48V models.

The FWC100 series is an external, switch mode power supply that offers leading edge converter efficiencies of up to 90% at 115VAC, and it offers a power density of 4.2W per cubic inch and is ideal for applications requiring high power in a lightweight package.

ICCNexergy product manager Kal Vashi said the high power density and small foot print will allow OEMs to use this product in many applications like large display monitors and complex POS systems in food and retail applications.