Iberinco, an engineering division of Iberdrola, has announced plans to build a 403MW gas-fired combined cycle plant in Russia, under a contract worth E311 million.

The new plant, to be commissioned in 35 months, will be located in Sredneuralk, near Ekaterinburg, the capital of the Urals region, and will supply electricity to more than 500,000 people. Iberinco will be responsible for the design, purchasing, construction and installation of the plant.

The client is Russian utility OGK-5, which is now undergoing privatization. The new combined cycle plant will be built on the site of a conventional power station and will have the capacity to produce 403MW of electricity, or 377MW of electric power plus 200Gcal/h of steam for central heating systems.

The plant will have one gas turbine and one steam turbine, like other combined cycle plants built by Iberinco for Iberdrola in Spain, Mexico and Brazil, and for outside clients.

The Russian contract comes in the context of Iberinco’s new strategy to seek a larger proportion of its revenues from clients outside the parent group, especially in the areas of electricity generation, distribution and control.