Iberdrola has doubled its regasification capacity at the Bahia Bizkaia Gas plant, located in Bilbao, rising from 1bcm a year to 2bcm/year and thus reaching 25% of the total capacity at the installation.

This significant increase, which includes both liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing and the use of the unloading quay and space in the storage tanks brings Iberdrola’s share of the Bahia Bizkaia Gas (BBG) plant’s capacity in line with its share of the facility’s capital holding.

The development comes as Iberdrola prepares to start taking delivery of 1.6bcm a year of LNG from the Snohvit project, an international collaboration of Norwegian state oil company Statoil, RWE of Germany and Anglo-American oil company Hess

The 2bcm/year that Iberdrola will receive from the BBG regasification plant from 2007 is sufficient to supply a 1,300MW combined cycle plant working at full power every day of the year, Iberdrola has stated.