Hydro Green Energy has installed the first of two turbines at the hydrokinetic power project in Hastings, Minnesota. Once the electrical systems are tested, the hydrokinetic turbine will generate renewable electricity for the Minnesota electric power grid. The second underwater turbine will be installed in spring 2009.

According to the company, hydrokinetic power refers to the generation of electricity from moving water without impoundments or diversionary structures that are used at conventional hydropower facilities.

Hydro Green Energy’s technology operates in open rivers, tidal areas and oceans. Its technology is also deployable downstream from existing hydropower facilities, which allows for clean power generation within the existing project footprint.

Wayne Krouse, chairman and CEO of Hydro Green Energy, said: “With the installation of turbine, Hydro Green Energy has taken another step and has strengthened its status. We, with the City of Hastings, are now can send the first hydrokinetic electrons ever to the US power grid.”

Hydro Green Energy, LLC is a Houston renewable energy project developer and technology integrator that designs, builds and operates hydrokinetic power projects that generate electricity from moving water (river currents, tidal currents and ocean currents) without having to construct dams, impoundments or conduits.