Coast Mountain Power Corporation has submitted a water licence application for the generation of hydroelectricity on More Creek, a tributary to the Iskut river in Northwestern British Columbia, Canada.

The project involves the development of a 19MW run-of-river facility on a section of the creek known as More Canyon. The scheme, consisting of a weir, an intake and 700m diversion tunnel, is expected to generate approximately 84GWh annually using 65m3/sec of water while taking advantage of the 38m elevation difference from the intake to the proposed surface power house.

The More Creek plant will be connected to Coast Mountain Hydro Corp’s proposed 138kv transmission line near Bob Quinn Lake on Highway 37 via a 13km 69 kV transmission line.

The company plans to initiate engineering design and environmental studies immediately. It is anticipated that construction of the project would take two years to complete upon receipt of a water licence, land tenure and required permits.