Aegean Marine Petroleum Network has announced that Horizon Tangiers Terminal, a consortium, has named Aegean as the exclusive bunkering company for its new port in Tangiers, Morocco.

According to the company, the agreement, which is scheduled to become effective in January 2009 upon completion of final documentation, will further expand Aegean’s global presence.

The appointment of Aegean by Horizon Tangiers Terminal (HTTSA) is an effort to expand the modern port in this region. Currently, the port serves approximately 7,000 vessels on an annual basis and is expected to increase to more than 10,000 vessels annually in 2010, claims the company.

Aegean will provide retail bunkering services to ships in port on an exclusive basis for a period of 25 years to 35 years. The company will also have the right to expand its operation beyond the port perimeter, which is located along the Strait of Gibraltar connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.

Nikolas Tavlarios, president of Aegean Marine Petroleum Network, said: We are excited to have been appointed by HTTSA to serve bunkering company in the port of Tangiers upon conclusion of a competitive selection process. The port of Tangiers serves a gateway to the vast Mediterranean and North African regions and is well positioned for future growth.