The project development, planning, construction and facility management businesses’ of Hochtief have been brought together under one entity – Hochtief Solutions AG.

Following completion of all legally required registrations, Hochtief Solutions AG now bundles the business of previous companies Hochtief Construction, Hochtief Project Development and Hochtief Facility Management in one entity. The new unit and its subsidiaries employ approximately 15,000 people in Europe and in selected regions through the world, achieving a work done volume of about EUR3.6B. Henner Mahlstedt (Chairman), Rainer Eichholz, Bernd Romanski and Heiner Helbig were appointed to the Executive Board of the new stock corporation.

“The leaner structure speeds up decisions and the joint tapping of growth markets,” commented Henner Mahlstedt. “Our clients keep their tried-and-tested contacts in the respective business lines.”

The companies that previously operated independently now have a new uniform market presence as Hochtief Solutions. Ongoing property developments are realized by Hochtief Projektentwicklung GmbH because of legal and fiscal reasons. Hochtief Energy Management, whose core business is energy contracting, kept its previous legal form because of juristic considerations but is, however, operationally fully integrated into the network portfolio of Hochtief Solutions. This also applies to the companies Streif Baulogistik and aurelis.

Hochtief Solutions says it will concentrate on important growth markets, such as transportation infrastructure, energy supplies or the development, realization and operation of sustainable property. Another prime focus is on major projects in international growth markets.

The company is divided into six business lines networked with each other:

• Service Solutions. The service spectrum ranges from energy consulting and facility management planning, right through to energy contracting as well as the integrated operation of buildings, properties, processes and facilities.

• Real Estate Solutions. In this business line HOCHTIEF will expand its role as a leading developer of residential and commercial property with the brands HTP and formart.

• Energy and Infrastructure Solutions. The unit realizes complex engineering projects in the strong growth areas of energy and transportation infrastructure.

• International Project Solutions. This business will include the biggest European markets, and also contributes towards the growth of the company in expanding markets, such as India, South America or the Middle East.

• Classic Solutions. This unit concentrates on the rich tradition of German building construction and construction logistics.

• Engineering Solutions. Here the new company bundles its engineering and consulting competence with the business units Consult and Hochtief Vicon.