Hallidays Hydropower, a British renewables company, is gearing up to develop a micro hydropower project on the River Glyme, in the parks of Blenheim Palace with an investment of nearly £180,000.

The company is intending to employ an Archimedean Hydro Screw design, a potential energy production technology that is expected to have low impact on the river’s ecosystem.

Hallidays Hydropower chief engineer Henry Reily-Collins said that the alliance is a significant milestone for Britain’s potential micro hydro industry.

"The generating potential of Britain’s rivers is immense; the Environment Agency has identified several thousand potential hydro sites that will both improve the local environment and generate electricity," Reily-Collins added.

With a total lifespan of more than 40 years, the project is estimated to generate an annual income of £12,600 over the first 20 years looking at the current scope of Feed in Tariffs. In addition, the scheme will also save electricity costs of at least £5,760 per year for the estate.

Blenheim Palace property director Roger File said, "By the end of 2013 we will be generating 82,000 kWh of clean power each year – 60,000 kWh of that will come from this single development with Hallidays.

"Next, we’re installing two biomass boilers and, we hope, will be unveiling a second hydropower development with Hallidays in 2014."