H2O Innovation, a developer of water treatment systems, has bagged several new contracts worth C$4.3m to supply custom-built water treatment systems and equipment for municipal and industrial end-users, in the US and Canada and, marginally, in Russia.

These contracts require H2O Innovation to design, build and deliver reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration systems for the production of drinking water and for water reclamation for municipal customers located in California, Colorado, and Quebec.

One of the contracts includes design and manufacture of a 6.7MGD low-pressure reverse osmosis system composed of two 3.35 MGD trains to treat groundwater for potable use for the East Cherry Creek Valley Water & Sanitation District’s Northern Water Supply Project in Colorado.

The company will also provide water treatment systems to the US and Canadian industrial customers, for use in the power generation industry and use its patented Bio­Brane membrane bio-reactor system to design and deliver an industrial water reuse system to a textile plant in Russia.

These contracts bring H2O Innovation’s sales backlog, which comprises entirely of systems and equipment sales and excludes the backlog of the company’s Indian joint venture H2O Innovation India, to C$14.3m.

H2O Innovation president and CEO Frederic Dugre said that the contracts reflect a high level of bidding activity that the company has been experiencing since the second half of FY2010 along with capital equipment investments picking up in the industrial segment of the water treatment industry.