The $51m worth project, has secured $20m from the US Department of Energy (DOE) under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The DOE Smart Grid funding has enabled GWP to accelerate its implementation and expand the project scope, which will eventually include other smart grid applications such as distribution automation and power outage management, the company said.

Tropos’ GridCom will be deployed as the utility’s private distribution area network for wireless communications across the 30 square miles of the utility’s service area and is a foundation upon which GWP can build additional smart grid applications.

The smart meter portion of GWP’s Smart Grid Initiative includes replacement of 84,500 electric and 33,400 water meters with smart meters. For electric meters, Itron’s smart grid local area network (LAN) technologies, part of its OpenWay smart grid platform, will be used. For water meters, Water SaveSource, Itron’s water metering and leak detection system has been selected.

KEMA, an energy consulting, testing, and certification firm, will be overseeing rollout of GWP’s Smart Grid Initiative, providing project management and multi-vendor system integration services.

The initiative will be implemented in phases starting with a demonstration of the smart meter project components in spring 2010.

This first phase includes installation of a meter data management (MDM) system, Itron Enterprise Edition MDM; 1,000 smart power meters; 500 smart water meters; and 300 in-home displays; all of which will utilize Tropos’ GridCom network for communications.

Craig Kuennen, sponsor of GWP, said: ”The high throughput, extremely low latency and network security features of the Tropos network enables it to provide secure communications for multiple Smart Grid applications.

”It will enable us to extend the system way beyond meter reading and help us build our vision of Glendale’s Smart Grid – a power system which can automatically balance power supply and demand, conserve and optimize resources, reduce our carbon footprint, and reduce cost for our customers.”