GridSense, a portfolio company of Acorn Energy, has collaborated with On-Ramp Wireless to develop the utility distribution point monitoring system.

The comprehensive system for distribution automation combines the GridSense TransformerIQ platform with On-Ramp’s Ultra-Link Processing (ULP) system.

GridSense TransformerIQ offers a quick retrofit solution onto existing energized distribution transformers, enabling a lower cost system upgrade without the impact of an outage or downtime.

On-Ramp’s ULP system can support 20,000 TransformerIQ monitors per Access Point, and this provides capacity to spare for other distribution automation applications and securely deliver transformer data to a utility’s back office OMS/DMS and other systems.

In collaboration with GridSense, On-Ramp is providing utilities with the resources necessary to effectively monitor their distribution assets and improve their performance and bottom lines.

The companies will also jointly pilot the smart transformer monitoring solution in the second quarter of this year.