Green Wind Energy A/S (Green Wind Energy) said that Wind Farm Brauel II situated in Germany consisting of three Vestas V90 2.0 MW wind turbines is now in operation. This wind farm is expected to obtain a yearly turn-over of about 13.2 m kWh. The price per kWh is guaranteed for a period of 20 years by the German state and amounts to 9.2 EUR-cent per kWh in 2009. From 2010 the minimum price will rise to 9.7 EUR-cent, and this price will be valid for the remainder of the period of 20 years.

The wind farm is therefore expected to generate a turn-over of around DKK9.5 million in a normal wind year. Should the spot price on electricity surpass the quaranteed price during the period of 20 years, the turn-over may exceed expectations.

“It is gratifying that the wind farm has been erected according to schedule and according to the expectations in our prospectus dated 20. August 2008”, says CEO Frank Buch-Andersen.

“We now have 5 wind farms situated in Germany with a total capacity of 73 MW in operation. We have another wind farm under construction: Wind Farm Gortahile with a capacity of 17.5 MW situated in Ireland. It is expected to be taken into operation in 2009 and to obtain a yearly production of approx. 59.5 m kWh. The price on electricity in Ireland amounts to 7.03 €-Cent at the moment and will according to the contract on sale of production be index-linked with the development of prices. This is another step in making Green Wind Energy A/S one of the biggest energy suppliers in Denmark with a 100% focus on renewable energy”, explains CEO Frank Buch-Andersen.

The pre-tax result of 2008/09 is still expected to amount to DKK15 – 20 million.