Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. (Green Earth Nano Science), a Canada based developer of environmental and nanotechnology solutions, has received an approval from Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CIFA) for its self-sanitizing photo-catalyst coating, GENS NANO. GENS NANO is part of a 3-dimensional air and surface purification system that uses natural mineral titanium dioxide (TiO2) for surface purification in combination with HVAC air purification systems using UV-C ultraviolet light.

TiO2 and UV-C purification technologies are environment friendly and a solution to growing problem of surface and air bio-contamination risks faced by food processing facilities, food transportation, poultry farming and public buildings.

TiO2 has no toxicity to microbe and the cell. Only after the irradiation of light such as fluorescent or UV light, TiO2 activates its photo catalytic properties. In the presence of light and humid in the air, TiO2 oxidizes, converts complex organic molecules into water and carbon dioxide. Photo catalytic power of TiO2 destroys bacteria cell’s wall and its membrane, and reacts with cell’s components, which inhibits bacteria’s activity and ultimately results in the death and decomposition of bacteria, thus eliminating bad odours created by a living or decomposing bacteria and also reduces risk of bacteria spread.

The GENS NANO improves indoor air quality and also reduces organic based compounds (ammonia & ethylene gases, VOC’s), organic based odours, bacteria (e.coli, listeria, bird flu, mould). In practise, cleaning and disinfection of interior surfaces such as ceilings and walls causes considerable trouble, high consumption of chemical detergents and water, intensive labour and consequently high costs. Any disinfection done today protects surfaces only for few minutes or few hours. The installation of advanced self-sanitizing coating protects building’s interior such as walls, ceilings and other treated areas for years depending on surface type and treated areas. Once coated, surface remains self-sanitizing provided that enough light is present to activate photo catalytic effect of TiO2. Various tests proved that treated surfaces, when illuminated by light, efficiently control and restrain bacteria growth reducing risk of surface bio-contamination and legal liabilities from potential bacteria outbreaks.

This technology brings more benefits for the environment and the facility such as less water and chemicals needed to disinfect walls and ceilings, less impact on the environment, improved indoor air quality and reduced building maintenance costs. There is never too little bio protection when it comes to schools, offices, hospitals and food facilities. Installation of self-sanitizing natural mineral coating on walls and ceilings together with UV-C air purification system inside those facilities will help to reduce to a minimum any potential risk of bio-contamination and even could prove to be utilized for defence in bio terrorism.