Green Energy Solution Industries, a Canadian renewable energy project developer, has secured project funding along with its joint venture partner InREFco.

The funding will support the further development of the waste-to-energy project, which includes technology site plan engineering, finalization of purchase or licensing of the selected energy technology, permit finalization, site planning, and closing of further contracts to ensure feed stock sources.

As per agreed terms of the joint venture, Green Energy and InREFco will have a 60% and 40% share in the project revenues respectively.

InREFco CEO Jason Watson said that the funding secured by the joint venture will be used in the further development of the waste-to-energy project.

Green Energy Solution Industries has developed business plans, contracts and agreements with resource providers, land owners, waste sources, technology providers, and government entities for the placement of renewable energy projects, to create economic stimulation, job creation, toxic waste removal, creation of energy, and to add to Canada’s ever increasing renewable energy sources.