The Government of Bermuda has issued an open call to pre-qualify companies that want to participate in the tender process for the development of 6MW solar PV plant in the peninsula known as Finger.

On August 17th 2016, the Government of Bermuda has given out an open call for the solar project.

Solar photovoltaic technology is an important component in the future development of Bermuda’s electricity sector.

The technical criteria that must be met for companies to be eligible to participate in the tender process include a track record in successful solar project development of at least 10MW of cumulative capacity, with at least one successful installation of 3MW or more on a single site anywhere in the world.

The financial qualification criteria include the submission of three years of audited financial statements showing positive net worth and profits for each of the three years.

The tender process, which is scheduled to commence during the fall, is expected to establish the optimal price of solar power for this project through competitive bidding.