Good Energy Group PLC (Good Energy) has appointed Barney Rhys Jones as managing director of the company. Barney was formerly an investment director with the AIM listed venture capital company, Low Carbon Investors. He played a key role in deal evaluation, investment process and portfolio management, sitting as board chairman and non-executive director on a number of portfolio businesses. Prior to environmental sector, Barney was a senior associate consultant at Bain & Company.

Barney Rhys Jones’ Background:

Barney worked in London and South Africa with a variety of major clients in banking, communications and consumer goods. Barney then spent four years in a series of roles with the UK’s second largest fixed line communications company, Telewest Broadband (now Virgin Media). He was responsible for launching Telewest’s B2B broadband offering and subsequently implementing a major change initiative.

Barney started his career as a field engineer in South East Asia with global oilfield and information services company, Schlumberger. He has a first class degree in civil engineering from Imperial College, London.

Juliet Davenport, chief executive officer of Good Energy, said: Barney is no stranger to the low carbon sector and he also has over 14 years experience of working in a range of other industries spanning telecoms, finance and consumer goods. He brings to the position a strong track record in leadership, communication, and a wealth of experience in delivering business improvement in traditional and low carbon sectors. He will be a great asset in helping Good Energy in its quest to drive innovation and increase renewable energy usage in the UK.

Barney Rhys Jones said: Good Energy’s pioneering work in the renewable energy sector is well documented.They’re not just selling renewable electricity, but truly empowering hundreds of low-carbon energy entrepreneurs around the country. It’s a more dynamic and innovative business model than any other in the energy sector, and I look forward to working with Juliet and the rest of the team in maintaining Good Energy’s market leading position.