Golden Dawn Minerals has announced results from underground drilling at its 100% owned May Mac mine.

A total of 2125 metres have been drilled in 19 underground diamond drill holes since late 2016. All of the holes were drilled in the May Mac mine to test the mineralized Skomac vein and parallel zones. All the results for holes drilled so far this year have now been received. Significant results for holes MU17-1 to 9 were previously disclosed in a press release dated February 22, 2017.

Hole MU17-10 intersected multiple quartz veins and quartz veined zones with intermittent mineralization over a length of 75 metres, from 185 to 260 meters depth in the hole.

Geologically, the veining is concentrated in four zones, with significant mineralization identified in the first three zones:

Zone 1 extends from 184.92 to 202.45 metres (17.53 m) within which sulphide mineralization is concentrated between 188.82 and 191.48 metres.

Zone 2 extends from 211.60 to 212.8 metres within which sulphide mineralization is concentrated between 211.60 and 212.10 metres (0.5 m). It is noted that this hole contains the highest gold assay obtained to date in a drill hole from this property.

Zone 3 extends from 218.37 to 237.8 metres (19.43m) within which sulphide mineralization is concentrated from 218.37 to 219.87, 221.89 to 223.86, and also 226.40 to 227.72 metres.

Zone 4 extends from 255.92 to 260.17 metres (4.25m) and consists of quartz veins and veinlets that are not significantly mineralized. Zone 4 may be an expression of the deeper Rose vein that was first discovered in 2015.

Hole MU17-10 intersected the Skomac zone of veins approximately 120 meters below the # 7 Level, and 20 metres along strike to the northwest of the end of the #7 adit. The first three zones of mineralized quartz veins encountered in hole MU17-10 are interpreted as the down dip extension of the Skomac vein system. The fourth zone may be the Rose vein.

All of the underground drilling intercepts from 2016 and to date for 2017 are presented in Table 2 below, with the exception of hole MU17-10 which is reported above. The results received to date indicate that the Skomac Vein System is mineralized beyond, above and below the #7 adit, i.e. along strike and up and down dip. Significant silver-gold mineralization has now been identified approximately 70 meters to the northwest, 20 meters above, and 120 meters below the #7 adit.

The Company will continue its underground diamond drilling program at the May-Mac Mine to complete additional holes from drill station #3 before moving to drill from stations #2 and #1. The Company is also preparing additional information requested by the government to support its permit application to extend the May Mac 7 Level drift to the northwest to facilitate additional diamond drilling and bulk sampling of up to 10,000 tonnes. A suite of samples was collected for metallurgical testing to determine the requirements for processing in the Company's Greenwood Mill, located 15 km southeast of the May Mac Mine.