Global Nuclear Fuel-Americas (GNF-A) has won a $300m contract from Constellation Energy Nuclear Group (CENG) to supply fuel and associated engineering reload licensing services to the utility’s Nine Mile Point nuclear station in central New York,US.

Nine Mile Point is a two-unit, GE-designed boiling water reactor station located in the town of Scriba.

Combined, the power station’s two units generate nearly 1,750MW, which is enough energy to meet the needs of approximately one million households.

GNF-A will supply the units 1 and 2 fuel reloads with fuel produced and assembled at its Wilmington fuel fabrication plant.

The fuel assemblies will be equipped with GNF’s Defender filter technology.

GNF, a joint venture of GE, Toshiba Corp and Hitachi, is a supplier of boiling water reactor fuel, including uranium dioxide and MOX fuel and fuel-related engineering services.

CENG, a joint venture of Constellation Energy and EDF Group, is a producer of safe and reliable nuclear power.