New York city Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff has announced that the Mayor’s office is going to invest US$200M to rehabilitate Gilboa dam.

The city is to implement a comprehensive reservoir spill control programme at the dam, after new release works are installed during the full-scale reconstruction project, which will begin in 2008.

A stabilisation project to install a series of post-tensioned anchoring cable is currently underway at the dam, and will now be followed by full-scale renovations in two year’s time.

Workers have already removed a 61m section of the structure in order to lower the water level of the Schoharie reservoir.

The reservoir spill control programme at Gilboa will be modelled after the existing measures already in place at New York’s Pepacton and Neversink reservoirs, and the programme will be presented by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to the State DEP for approval.

The complete Gilboa dam rehabilitation project is due to be finished by approximately 2013.

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