GigOptix Inc. (GigOptix) has introduced a new 43Gb/s electro-absorption modulated laser (EML) driver, GX6420. The GX6420 is a single die solution that has a small form factor and low power consumption (1.5W), which allows it to be quickly integrated into multiple vendors' XLMD solutions. Its output voltage range ensures that it will operate with a wide range of 40G EML solutions on the market.

The GX6420 is compliant with the 40G XLMD TOSA MSA used in OC-768 VSR applications and includes:

Excellent eye quality at data rates up to 43Gb/s;

Low power consumption, typically 1.5W at 2.5Vpp output;

Small form factor to easily integrate into an XLMD TOSA;

DC output coupling with 0.5V offset control to eliminate the need for bias-T;

Adjustable output voltage 1.7Vpp-2.6Vpp and eye cross point;

Differential driven input with single ended output;

9.5ps typical rise and fall times.

The input voltage sensitivity of GX6420 is designed to interoperate with the 40G SERDES solution and its DC coupled output not only ensures the correct biasing of EML but also simplifies TOSA design by abolishing the need for a bias-T circuit.

Creating a single die solution for such a demanding application was a challenging engineering task given all the constraints we faced: small size, excellent eye performance at 40G and low power dissipation, commented Julie Tipton, vice president of marketing, GigOptix. However, hitting product targets on time is vital to enabling customers deliver on their commitments. We believe that our GX6420 will enable a new generation of 40G OC-768 VSR transponders and we are very excited to be working closely with customers to rapidly deploy it in their products.