German political leader Angela Merkel has suggested that the EU constructs a new gas pipeline network in order to improve security of supply. Meanwhile, Chancellor Merkel has questioned an earlier German political decision to reject the nuclear power option.

<p>According to Bulgarian news agency Novinite, Ms Merkel told the Polish daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita that a gas network, connecting the member nations of the EU, would help to ensure each would not face the risk of shortages. <br /><br />The German leader, who currently also holds the EU presidency, said that she envisioned her proposed gas network to work in the same way as the current pan-European electricity grid, allowing gas to be distributed efficiently on demand. <br /><br />Meanwhile, and in the context of energy supply security, Chancellor Merkel has questioned the wisdom of Germany turning its back on nuclear power. The previous administration had resolved to shut down Germany&#0039;s nuclear fleet by 2020. However, Ms Merkel has now challenged supporters of that policy to offer viable alternatives to justify its merit. <br /><br />Speaking on German radio, Angela Merkel suggested that achieving climate change targets would be difficult without having the nuclear power option available. Those concerned with the policy also point to Germany&#0039;s increasing reliance on Russia for energy.</p>