General Environmental Management (GEM) has signed an exclusive marketing agreement with Earthsonics for down hole stimulation of oil and gas production using a combination of PetroMax and sonic stimulation.

The company said that Sonic stimulation is a process that takes low frequency sound energy and combines it with its PetroMax solution to increase the flow rate from existing production wells.

The company added that sonication stimulates the PetroMax chemical and process to detach hydrocarbon molecules from the depth of the earth, enabling them to be recovered by well pumps.

Timothy Koziol, CEO of General Environmental Management, said: “This agreement represents a significant stride forward in the company’s effort to bring new technology to the energy market. Furthermore, it extends our service to the oil and gas industry to encompass the whole production process from well site to waste disposal.”

The company’s first commercial applications will take place this month in Illinois and then in Texas. The business model includes a monthly lease rate for the sonication equipment and a fee for the PetroMax solution or a sharing in the increased production revenue. Tests supervised by the Department of Energy show that the Earthsonics process can stimulate production by up to 25% per well.

The marketing agreement gives GEM exclusive rights to use the sonication process in California and non-exclusive rights throughout the US.