General Electric and Purdue University have reached an agreement to install up to 10 of GE’s new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on university campus for use by various classes and researchers working on electric-powered technology and to recharge university-operated EVs.

GE plans to begin the installation of the EV charging stations by the end of year and the charging units are intended to be located in prominent and well-lit locations so that electric vehicle drivers can easily access them.

Purdue University, which is a part of the Indiana Advanced Electric Vehicle Training and Education Consortium, funded by a $6.1m American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant, will place the EV charging stations to provide its students with real-world charging capabilities.

GE’s EV charging stations are claimed to decrease the time needed for recharging EVs from 12-18 hours to four to eight hours and allow utility companies to implement a smart electrical distribution system to manage the impact of EVs on local and regional power grids.

GE senior services manager Tony Denhart said that GE is proud to work with Purdue to provide its ahead-of-the-curve EV charging station as the use of this exciting technology continues to strengthen its longstanding partnership with Purdue.