GE Energy Connections has signed an agreement with Engie’s subsidiary Solairedirect to supply its LV5 1MW solar inverters for two solar projects in India, totaling 140MW.

The agreement also includes a 25 year, long-term service agreement.

Under the service agreement, GE will provide parts for the inverters when needed and the required man-hours for repairs and maintenance for the two solar projects.

GE will supply and install the LV5 1MW inverters at the two solar projects, which individually produce 70MW.

GE’s LV5 offers inverter technology that can reduce the cost of solar PV utility-scale infrastructure. The inverter is equipped with 1.5kV central inverter technology into the market.

The company claims that that its LV5 technology helps in further lowering levelised cost of electricity for solar plants around the world.

The inverter is available in a wide range, offering system solutions that can accommodate specific needs of individual solar projects.

GE says that its long term service agreement, can add project bankability to Solairedirect, while reducing the total cost of ownership throughout the lifespan of the solar plants.

Solairedirect said: “In an ever more competitive solar industry, service becomes the differentiator. Thanks to the LTSA provided by GE, lifetime support is guaranteed for our two plants.

“We are confident in the knowledge that we will be able to continue efficiently supplying solar-fueled power. We look forward to continuing to work with GE.”

GE Energy Connections’ Grid Solutions South Asia, regional commercial leader Sujoy Ray said: “GE’s experience in turnkey projects execution and its strong footprint in India assures the customer of our reliability and ability to supply quality products that adhere to their technical requirements.

“With a 400/220 kV substation under execution at the same location—Bhadla in Rajasthan—the customer is confident of meeting the stiff completion schedule with available site establishment.”

Image: GE to supply solar inverters and long term services to Solairedirect India’s 140MW solar projects. Photo: Courtesy of General Electric.