GE Renewable Energy has been awarded a $56m contract to supply six 500MW hydro generators and auxiliary equipment for the 3GW Liang He Kou hydropower facility in China.

The contract to GE was given by the China Yalong River Hydropower Development.

GE’s Hydro Solutions will handle the design of the equipment, manufacturing, monitoring of the installation, commissioning, on site testing along with other site services in the execution stage of the hydropower project.

The annual power output of the six units, put together, is to hit 11 billion Kwh, with the first of them slated to be commissioned by 2021.

GE Hydro Solutions president & CEO Yves Rannou said: "We are glad to partner again with China Yalong River Hydropower Development, who had already chosen GE for the construction of Jinping II hydropower station.

“The generator is specifically designed for high altitudes and results from GE’s Hydro Solutions’ cutting-edge technology."

Located on the main stream of Yalong River in the Sichuan Province at Yajiang County, in the Ganzi Prefecture, the Liang He Kou hydro plant is designed for unmanned watch operation through monitoring and control systems.

The primary engineering and manufacturing location of the project will be GE’s Hydro Center of Excellence in Tianjin which will have support from GE Global Technical Center.

In the past, GE had supplied Francis-type turbine and generators for Chinese hydropower plants that include the Three Gorges Dam.

Earlier in the week, GE Renewable Energy secured an order from the Chinese Fuqing Haixia Electricity Generation Company to supply three offshore wind turbines in the HaliadeTM 150-6MW range to the Fujian Xinghua Gulf demo project.

Image: GE Hydro Solutions’ Francis-type hydro generator. Photo: courtesy of General Electric.