GE has received a contract to provide its digital industrial solutions for the 1,292MW Hubco power plant in Baluchistan, Pakistan.

Under the contract, GE will deliver Digital Power Plant Solutions which include a suite of software solutions to allow operators to analyze and monitor operations of the Hubco power plant across all touchpoints in real time.

Powered by Predix, the solutions will also help the operators in identifying any maintaining issues ahead of time, thus reducing unplanned downtime.

Hubco CEO Khalid Mansoor said: "GE’s digital solutions are a game changer for the energy sector, and we are happy to be working with them.
"Once implemented at the Hubco Power Plant, these solutions will help us to enhance the reliability of our operations."

The power plant, which comprises four generating units each with 323MW electrical capacity, is claimed to be the largest independent steam power plant in the country.

GE Power president and CEO Steve Bolze said: "Energy is increasingly becoming digital, and we have been proud to support Pakistan’s energy sector for more than 50 years with both hardware and software solutions.

"This agreement with Hubco marks the sixth deployment of our advanced digital industrial solutions in the country, underscoring our commitment to provide Pakistan with our latest technology."

Commissioned in 1997, the Hubco power plant is entirely integrated with non-GE equipment.

The power plant features an oil-fired single re-heat boiler and tandem compound, two cylinder condensing steam turbines directly integrated to a hydrogen cooled generator.

The facility is designed to contribute to more than 10% of the country’s electricity demand.