GE will provide its zero liquid discharge (ZLD) technology to Shaanxi Future Energy Chemical’s coal-to-chemical facility in Yulin City, China.


GE’s ZLD evaporator and crystallizer system will help in removing liquid discharge of waste and allow water to be reused at the plant.

The Hongdun facility is a coal-to-liquid project, under which coal will be converted into several oil products.

GE’s wastewater treatment system includes vapor recompression brine concentrator followed by a crystallizer, offering a cost-effective ZLD solution, treats wastewater feed at 40m3/hr.

The company anticipates to deliver the equipment in mid-2016, with commissioning in March 2017.

Once operational, the HongDun facility will treat wastewater feed at a rate of 40 m3/hr.

GE Power engineered systems — water and process technologies global leader Kevin Cassidy said: "This project is the sixth of this kind in China for GE in recent years and builds on our reputation as a premier ZLD solution provider worldwide.

"It is indicative of China’s desire to use innovative methods, such as zero liquid discharge wastewater treatment technology, to expand the coal-to-chemical industry while minimizing environmental impact."

The majority of electricity in China comes from coal-fired power plants.

Under China’s new regulations, including the Water Pollution Action Plan, the New Environmental Protection Law and China’s 13th Five-Year Plan, the facilities must eliminate the liquid discharge of wastewater into the environment and a ZLD system must be installed to secure a permit for the plants.

Image: GE evaporator and crystallizer installation at the Hongdun wastewater treatment facility. Photo: Courtesy of General Electric.