GE Renewable Energy has signed two agreements to boost the annual energy production (AEP) of two ageing wind farms, which have a combined capacity of 52MW, in central Japan.

As part of the two contracts five-year contracts, GE will implement its Prognostics and PowerUp Services software application to increase performance of the power plants which Kinden's 30MW Shirama wind farm and Kandenko's 22MW Chosi plant

GE expects the technology to add up to 5% more annual energy production to the Shirama project and about 2% additional output to the Chosi plant.

Commissioned in 2004, the Chosi wind farm features 15 of GE’s 1.5s turbines.

Chosi wind farm’s team says that the implementation of GE’s software applications can boost up to $650,000 during the remaining lifetime of the project.

The 30MW Shirama wind farm, which was commissioned in 2009, has 20 of GE’s 1.5sle turbines.

The GE’s Prognostics and PowerUP Services software application is designed to increase output of wind farm through fine tuning the pitch angle according to the site’s real-world operating conditions.

The applications are part of GE’s Digital Wind Farm ecosystem.

According to GE, the Digital Wind Farm suite of applications can be implemented on wide range of wind turbine models including the latest 2MW and 3MW models as well.

The software has been built on Predix software platform, which is the foundation for all of GE’s Industrial internet applications and also include cyber security applications.