The power plant, which started operation on 4 October, has two Jenbacher J320 units generating electrical and thermal power with an electrical efficiency of 40.8% and total efficiency of 86.6%.

German company F&M has provided ‘dry fermentation’ biogas production technology for the plant. The system converts local agricultural products into a renewable biogas which is used as fuel in Jenbacher biogas modules.

In the coming years, the installation will be connected to the local district heating network for businesses and residents in the city of Rawa Mazowiecka, the company said.

KWE, a subsidiary of modular CHP solution supplier Gruppo, has supplied the two containerized CHP ECOMAXTM units to the Konopnica site. The firm will also provide service and support.

Bioenergy Project general director Zofia Ossowska said, "Our new agricultural biogas power plant project will stimulate our local economy as farmers in the area are given the opportunity to supply the agricultural products needed as raw feedstock for the biogas plant."

Ossowaka added that their project also reflects the Polish government’s commitment to encourage investments in biogas plants.

As part of the Energy Policy 2030′ strategy, the nation is supporting new biogas power projects development to diversify energy supplies.