GE Oil & Gas has introduced next generation blowout preventer (BOP) system designed to allow operators to explore deepwater basins.

The new 20-ksi BOP system, a critical piece of subsea drilling equipment, enables operators to explore deepwater basins which are inaccessible with conventional 15 ksi hardware.

Designed to isolate pressure in oil and gas wells during drilling, the system features 60ft tall valves with several hundred thousand pounds weight.

The 20 ksi meets the specific demands of containing high-pressure, high-temperature reservoirs and is upgraded with GE Ram and Annular BOPs.

GE’s Drilling & Surface business GE Oil & Gas president and CEO Andrew Way said GE’s new BOP system will allow operators to explore deepwater basins that are currently inaccessible with conventional 15-ksi BOP systems.

"Our new BOP system utilizes all of GE’s latest "Predictivity™" communications software solutions to allow for real-time remote monitoring of equipment status and performance, thus offering new degrees of reliability and performance," Way added.

Additionally, the new 20-ksi system features GE’s SeaONYX BOP Control System and SeaLytics BOP Advisor software.

The BOP Control System provides maximum system uptime and is based on mission-critical GE Power & Water systems while BOP Advisor software offers real-time performance and maintenance data to significantly reduce unscheduled BOP maintenance requirements.