GE Oil & Gas has upgraded the NovaLT gas turbine family into the sub-20MW turbines space with the NovaLT5.

The NovaLT5 is an improved version of the GE5 and it builds on the technology and innovation of last year’s successful NovaLT16 launch, also showcased at the Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia. It evolved to become part of the high efficiency NovaLT family.

GE, using its experience within the large power range gas turbines, has expanded its portfolio to new spaces – seeking smaller power ranges for a wider array of power generation, mechanical drive, for both oil and gas and industrial applications. The evolution of the NovaLT family underlines the legacy and pedigree of GE’s turbomachinery technologies.

The NovaLT16 turbine, for the 16MW class, was developed together with TransCanada Corporation (TransCanada) in an industry collaboration to provide a customized solution for the pipeline sector. It boasts an impressive 37% mechanical efficiency, up to 99% availability and 35,000-hours between maintenance. That translates into four years of non-stop running for the gas generator module and eight years for the power turbine module.

The first NovaLT16 for TransCanada is due to be shipped from Florence (Italy) in July 2016.
The NovaLT5 ‘sister’ turbine is a 5MW range turbine available in both single-shaft and double-shaft configurations. It has 30.7-31.5% electrical/mechanical efficiency and up to 24,000 hours between maintenance, resulting in significantly lower operating and maintenance costs.

The modular maintenance philosophy of both turbines enables extremely short intervals for conducting maintenance activities. The compact design of the NovaLT5 makes it ideal for operations with challenging footprint and height restrictions. The high exhaust temperature also makes it well-suited to Heat Recovery System (HRS) operations.

The first 20 NovaLT5s have been sold to the China Aviation Gas Turbine Company, a Chinese engineering company specialized in the resourcing and integration of gas turbines. The deal demonstrates GE Oil & Gas is a supplier of low-power-range turbines and a great partner which supports supporting technical development locally. CAGT in fact will manufacture the GT packages and sell them directly.

Luca Maria Rossi, General Manager for Turbomachinery Solutions Product Management, GE Oil & Gas, said:
"GE’s increasing offering into the lower power range gas turbine space is a really significant step for us and for our customers. With mature and well-proven applications, it can be difficult to find areas for improvement, but the NovaLT series has done precisely that.

The increased mechanical efficiency and big extensions in time between maintenance can translate into real savings for our customers. Our work with TransCanada Pipeline Ltd has been really fruitful, and enabled us to develop a winning alternative for the oil and gas industry. Building on that experience, now we also have a greatly improved lower power range turbine portfolio. The news that CAGT has booked an order for the NovaLT5 is further testament to demand within the sector for these products."

Mr. Yang Chunlei, General Manager of CAGT said:
"Demand in China for more efficient turbines and combined heating and power systems is growing, which is why we are delighted to be bringing these products to this space for the first time. We look forward to working with GE Oil & Gas to move NovaLT5 online soon."