US-based multinational conglomerate GE has introduced TrueSense for Process, a new advanced automation and control technology to help refineries monitor, apply, and optimize the delivery of chemicals into crude process stream to control corrosion.

TrueSense is an online crude overhead monitoring system (COMS) that is aimed at controlling corrosion and maintaining production rate.

Fouling and corrosion can threaten the reliability and safety of critical atmospheric fractionator overhead condensing systems and result in impaired production, increased maintenance costs and reduced profits.

Corrosion control is also becoming a challenge as refiners are turning to lower-cost opportunity crude oil feedstocks and aiming to maximize middle distillate production.

TrueSense for Process-COMS detects pH variations in the overhead of the crude unit and quickly minimizes the effects to prevent short-term corrosion and avoid unscheduled shutdowns, reduce maintenance expenses and improve profitability and operational flexibility.

GE Power & Water water and process technologies monitoring solutions global product management leader Adnan Mansour said,
"Not only can we help to achieve lower corrosion rates with this technology, from an operational perspective, it’s at a cost point that is a fraction of alternative approaches."

The TrueSense for Process-COMS technology is a key element in an integrated solution and is complemented by LoSALT neutralizer chemistries to prevent fouling and corrosion and pHilmPLUS modern overhead filmer technologies for pH stability.

The new advanced technology also has LoSALT Ionic Equilibrium software model to optimize atmospheric distillation fractionators,
Steamate Low Salt Amine product chemistries to enhance utility steam-side corrosion protection, and InSightcloud-based knowledge management platform to maximize reliability.