GDF Suez Energy Services has acquired the Utilicom Group, following a purchase agreement with the Idex Group for Idex Energy UK and its subsidiaries. This strategic investment will create Cofely District Energy, the UK-based district energy company.

Cofely District Energy, which will form part of Cofely’s existing UK Energy Services business stream, will generate 35MW of low carbon electricity, operate 245MW of boiler plant, 74MW of chilled capacity and manage 50km of district heating and cooling pipework.

Cofely District Energy will manage a range of projects in the UK, including Southampton District Energy Scheme, Birmingham District Energy Scheme, London Olympic Park and Stratford City, and The Whitehall CHP scheme.

The Utilicom Group and its subsidiaries annually deliver over 33,000 tonnes of CO2 emission reductions, mainly through combined heat and power (CHP) schemes, meeting the varied heat, cooling and power demands of many of the UK’s city centers through district energy networks.

Wilfrid Petrie, chairman of GDF Suez Energy Services, said: “District energy schemes are already making a significant contribution to reducing the UK’s carbon emissions and this is an area that is set to grow rapidly in the coming years.

“The newly formed Cofely District Energy will bring together some of the UK’s most exciting and prestigious district energy schemes from the Cofely and Utilicom portfolios.”