GDF Suez, a French multinational electric utility, has opened Green Unit - a biomass power plant - in south Poland, with a total capacity of around 205MW.

According to the company, the Green Unit biomass facility is powered by a blend of tree-farming product and agri-fuels.

Located at GDF Suez Energia Polska’s existing coal/biomass co-fired thermal plant, the biomass power facility generates electricity that is enough to power around 600,000 households, and reduces 1.2 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The plant is anticipated to contribute to Poland’s target of 15% renewable power generation by 2020.

Meanwhile, the company operates 102MW land-based wind power apart from biomass power.

Apart from wind and biomass, the company generates electricity from solar, biogas, hydro, natural gas, coal-fired, fuel oil, and nuclear sources.