Gaz Métro’s subsidiary Gaz Métro LNG has completed its expansion project, which will triple its natural gas liquefaction capacity in Canada.

With the expansion, the company will bring in huge potential of LNG (liquefied natural gas) for the New England market. Earlier, Gas Métro’s LNG capacity was around 3 billion cubic feet (bcf) and after the expansion, it now stands at 9 billion cubic feet. Gas Métro LNG’s expansion project was supported by its parent company and Investissement Québec.

The expansion project was announced back in 2014, with the aim to add with new loading facilities and new liquefaction train at the plant to increase its total annual LNG production by three times. Gaz Métro claims that the upgraded liquefaction plant is the only one of its kind in Eastern Canada.

With the Increased capacity the company is expected to meet the demand from a wide range of LNG markets.

Gaz Métro president and CEO Sophie Brochu said: "We are happy to see this innovative project become reality. We are now in a position to maximize the potential of LNG and are more capable than ever of meeting the energy needs of mines and industries far from the gas network as well as those in the heavy road and maritime transportation sector.”

Brochu also stated that the commissioning of the new liquefaction train can act as a regional and economic development tool for Québec.

Investissement Québec president and CEO Pierre Gabriel Côté said: “The provision of LNG constitutes an advantage for all the companies that do not benefit from proximity to a pipeline network, and its availability will play an important role in the way companies choose locations in Québec. With today’s announcement, even more companies will be able to benefit from a cleaner, more powerful energy source that offers excellent energy savings.

“Using LNG provides a significant advantage in the current economy, which is increasingly focused on sustainable development, by allowing companies to replace fuel oil or diesel, which are known to pollute more, with a better option.”

Image: Gaz Métro triples its LNG capacity in Canada. Photo: Courtesy of Gaz Métro.