FX Energy announced that its Tuchola-4K well has reached lower Zechstein Ca1 formation at 2,740m, located in 730,000 acre Edge license in north central Poland.

The well has been cored and drilled to 2,810m, which indicated the presence of gas with 70m interval, comprising C2 ethane and C3 propane.

FX claimed that its plans to set 7" casing to the top of the Ca1 and then run a drill stem test of the full 70m open interval.

The well will be drilled to total depth in the Upper Devonian and logged, following the drill stem test.

FX Energy operations vice president Andy Pierce said the cores have visible intergranular porosity and extensive fracturing.

"The well logs show excellent porosity and gas saturation throughout the entire 70 meter zone," Pierce added.