Fresco Solar has completed the installation of two rooftop projects on two buildings in California, US.


The company has installed a 102kW array on the roof of a nine story office building in downtown San Jose, while the second is a 440kW array on an industrial building in Hayward.

Around 15,000ft of 1000 Volt PV wire, 1400 panels and 15 ABB Power One inverters have been used in the Hayward solar array.

The San Jose installation includes a distributed inverter strategy with four similar inverters that comprises small three phase 480 Volt AC and 1000 Volt DC inverters.

Fresco Solar CEO Sean Kenny said the building departments of both cities confirmed that these are the first commercial thousand Volt systems they have plan checked.

"It was careful attention to the nuances of the National Electrical Code that saw us through, that and the fact that we could show that the installations were only accessible to authorized personnel and not to the public," added Kenny.

Image: 440kW 1000 Volt DC solar array in Hayward, California. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto / Fresco Sola.