Florida Power & Light (FPL) has unveiled plans to construct new universal solar power plants at eight locations by early 2018.

The energy generated from the solar facilities will be used to meet the clean power needs of around 120,000 homes, said the largest solar energy producer in the state.

FPL’s new solar plants are touted to be cost-effective right through their operational period. They will comprise more than 2.5 million solar panels which are claimed to cover the state’s coastline more than two times.

Once the solar plants start operations, they are expected to save millions of dollars in the future for FPL’s customers through reduced unit costs.

FPL president and CEO Eric Silagy said: "We have been working hard to drive down the costs of adding solar so we can deliver even more zero-emissions energy to all of our customers. As the first company to build solar power generation cost effectively in Florida, we are proud to continue leading the advancement of affordable clean energy infrastructure.

“We have proven that it's possible to cut emissions and deliver reliable service while keeping electric bills low for our customers.”

The eight different Florida locations for the new solar plants include the previously announced Alachua, Putnam and DeSoto counties while the remaining locations are to yet to be finalized by the electric utility.

Construction of the solar power facilities is due to start this spring. Each of the solar facilities is estimated to employ around 200 to 250 people at peak times during the construction.

Previously, FPL had committed to establish four new universal power plants in 2017 which it has now effectively doubled to eight.

The electric utility currently boasts of an operational solar generating capacity of more than 335MW, sufficient to cover the energy needs of 60,000 homes.

Image: FPL to build eight solar energy plants across Florida. Photo: courtesy of Florida Power & Light Company.