Resource Polymers, a plastic scrap compounds processing company and the Canadian operating subsidiary of Fox Petroleum, has finalized installation of a new recycling line with the anticipation of increasing its plastic waste recycling capacity.

The new processing line, a 20 inches x 50 inches Cumberland Model 50B Granulator with a 150hp power motor purchased from a bankruptcy, is expected to enable the company to process up to 3,500 pounds of scrap plastic per hour, when combined with company’s vecoplan shredder.

Resource Polymers expects to maintain this processing level to recycle up to 30 million pounds of post industrial and post consumer scrap plastics per year, generating $5m in revenues per year for the company.

Fox Petroleum president William Lieberman said that the new recycling line intends to move up recycling operations from the current levels of 250,000lbs per month to approximately 2.5 million pounds per month within the next 60 to 90 days.