PACIFIC HYDRO LIMITED OF Australia has announced the start up of the first unit of the 2-unit 6.5MW hydroelectric stations at Wainikasou, located on Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu.

A joint venture between Pacific Hydro and the Fiji Electrical Authority, called Sustainable Energy Limited (SEL), hopes to save over US$5.6M per year in diesel imports.
As announced in May 2003, the Wainikasou project forms part of a programme that will see the installation of up to 100MW of hydro and wind power generation capacity in Fiji over the next five years.
Vaturu, SEL’s second hydro project also on Vitu Levu, will be completed late in 2004. The joint venture has committed US$11.5M to construct the two hydro projects and is looking at a number of other potential schemes including the 50MW Sigatoka-Ba hydro project that is currently undergoing a feasibility analysis.