Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc. (Fairchild) has introduced a new energy efficient 200 watt (W) DC-DC power supply reference design, RD212. The new reference design offers high efficiency of up to 94% and low noise characteristics due to its zero voltage switching (ZVS) technique. The power supply reference design provides a 24V output at 8A and offers numerous protection functions.

These protection functions, over-voltage protection (OVP), overload protection (OLP), over-current protection (OCP), abnormal over-current protection (AOCP) and internal thermal protection (TSD), protect the power supply from adverse electrical events. With user’s guide, application notes and schematics, it can quicken the design cycle and drive higher levels of efficiency in power supply designs. The RD212 reference design is an optimal tool for simplifying design, increasing efficiency and conserving space in flat panel TVs, PCs, servers, street lighting and various off-line power supplies.

The RD212 features the FSFR2100, a green FPS power switch that integrates a pulse-frequency-modulation (PFM) controller with a high-voltage gate driver, two fast recovery MOSFETs (FRFETs) and important protection features such as soft-start and burst operation into a thermally-efficient SIP package. This switch offers a soft-switching approach that reduces switching losses, even though the actual switching frequency increases. Through its ZVS technique, switching losses are further reduced allowing the switch to handle up to 200W without a heat sink.

Fairchild provides a comprehensive portfolio of reference designs that simplify system design, reduce board space, ensure system reliability and accelerate time-to-market. With the global energy concerns, designers are increasingly relying on semiconductor suppliers to come up with new ways to improve efficiency during normal operation as well as during standby mode. By offering a production-ready design, reference designs are instrumental in enabling OEMs to shorten their design time and bring their system to the market quicker.