Exelon, a US-based energy provider, has brought back unit 2 of the Braidwood Generating Station back to operations, following the completion of planned maintenance work.

The nuclear unit resumed operations on 7 July 2013, while it was taken offline on 28 June 2013 to perform planned maintenance work on a couple of water pumps at the unit.

Exelon temporarily shut down the unit to allow the operators to carry out the work, which could be performed only when the unit is not operating.

During the planned outage, electrical services from the plant were not obstructed and Braidwood nuclear station’s unit 1 continued to operate.

The Braidwood Generating Station is located about 60 miles southwest of Chicago, US.

It has two nuclear energy units that can produce a total of over 2,300MW at full power, which is sufficient to power more than two million typical homes.