Exelon has selected Holtec International's HI-STORM spent fuel dry storage cask system for deployment at its Clinton Power Station in Illinois.

Under a contract awarded through a competitive bidding process, Holtec will supply eight HI-STORM FW casks containing the MPC-89, as well as one transfer casks and the necessary extras.

The system will enable Clinton to store 89 used fuel assemblies in oversized storage cells with as little as three years of cooling time, Holtec said.

It added that the high heat load capacity of the MCP-89 (a maximum of 46 kW) "provides Clinton the flexibility to develop an optimized loading strategy through the end of plant operation."

Clinton is expected to being its initial dry storage loading campaign in 2015, according to a Holtec statement.

Exelon has previously selected Holtec dry storage technology for five of its nuclear sites, but this is the first time it has opted for deployment of the HI-STORM FW.

Exelon project manager, Max Hollinden said: "The higher capacity was the primary driver for selection of the MPC-89 System. This should lead to reduced duration of campaigns and associated reduced dose to the workers."