The team will establish microgrids ranging from 10 to 200MW at strategic locations throughout the state in order to secure reliability, reduce costs, and enhance the efficiency of the surrounding grid.

Anbaric founder and CEO Ed Krapels said: "This alliance responds to that call by tailoring our efforts around Governor Cuomo’s energy plan and the state’s Reforming the Energy Vision program to create a paradigm for microgrid development that benefits New York residents and businesses."

Currently, the alliance is idenitfying customers for its plans to develop five large microgrids at sites in Long Island, New York City, and upstate New York.

Exelon vice-president and Exelon’s New York microgrids business leader Jeff Yuknis said: "Exelon’s strategy is to grow and diversify the company through targeted investments in core and adjacent markets and explore promising technologies.

"This partnership provides Exelon an opportunity to get an early foothold in the emerging microgrids market, building on our existing expertise in distributed generation and our wires business.

"Diversification and innovation allow Exelon to take advantage of a broad range of new opportunities, and we plan to deploy our expertise, capital, and resources in New York to unlock the significant benefits that microgrid technology offers."